Ozone and UBI Treatments

At Core IV Therapy, we are proud to offer our clients ozone and UBI treatments. These are two different treatments that offer similar benefits and may be better when experienced together.

But what exactly are they, and what benefits do they provide? Here we’ll talk about each treatment separately, what they can do for you when combined, and what services we offer at Core IV.

What Is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy involves injecting ozone into the body with the intended benefits including improving the immune system, fighting bacteria and viruses, and generally detoxifying the body. Ozone, which is a gas, is a powerful oxidant that is toxic when inhaled, but some researchers believe it can have many therapeutic effects when injected. A medical treatment using ozone is known as autohemotherapy, which involves taking a person’s blood, cleaning it, and putting it back into the body.

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What is Ozone Good For?

  • Chronic fungal conditions – Candida, Sarcoidosis, Chronic sinusitis (fungal)
  • Chronic viral conditions – Cold sores (HSV1), Genital herpes (HSV2), Chronic fatigue syndrome (HSV6), Shingles, Mononucleosis, HIV, Hepatitis, etc.
  • Bacterial infections – Acute colds, MRSA, Chronic sinusitis (bacterial), ear infections
  • Preconditioning – prior to surgery, ozone therapy helps to reduce recovery time and the need for pain medications
  • Dental infections- treat / prevent infections leading to root canals

Ozone Therapy Indications

Ozone therapy has been used to treat the following ailments:

  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chemical Sensitivities
  • Chronic Allergies
  • LYME Disease
  • Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Auto Immune Disease
  • Heart and Vascular Disease
  • Peripheral Artery Disease
  • Dementia and Cerebral Vascular Disease
  • Post Stroke
  • Diabetic Circulatory Disease
  • Cancer (Complementary concept in oncology)
  • Asthma and COPD
  • Hepatitis B and C
  • Herpes simplex and herpes zoster (shingles)
  • Eye Diseases especially retinopathies
  • Infections (viral, bacterial, fungal)
  • Low Immunity
  • Acute hearing loss (vascular only)
  • Tinnitus (vascular only)

What effects should I expect to see using ozone therapy?

  • Kills bacteria, viruses, fungi/yeast and parasites
  • Stimulates the immune system to help speed healing
  • Improves circulation – stimulated microcirculation
  • Normalized hormone and enzyme production
  • Anti-inflammatory and helps reduce pain
  • Decreases stroke damage
  • Improves brain function and memory

What Is a UBI Treatment?

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) is a blood treatment that kills bacteria and viruses while boosting the immune system, and it also involves an autohemotherapy process. This treatment has been used for decades to treat all manner of serious medical conditions, like pneumonia, polio, and even cancer. The process involves extracting the patient’s blood, exposing the blood to ultraviolet rays that oxygenate it, and then putting the blood back in the patient’s system. Some research suggests this boosts oxygen in the bloodstream while also killing off viruses and bacteria.

UBI Treatment Indications

UBI therapy has been used to treat the following ailments:

  • Acute and chronic viral episodes (herpes, shingles, flu, common cold)
  • Candida overgrowth
  • Cancer or tumor growth of all kinds
  • Bacterial infections (staph, strep, E.coli, MRSA)
  • Allergies
  • Rheumatism
  • Asthma
  • Depression
  • Fatigue or CFS
  • Eye diseases such as macular degeneration
  • Many heart conditions
  • Blood platelet disorders
  • Toxin overload from snake or spider bites, or bacterial poisons
  • Parasite infections
  • MS
  • Lyme disease
  • Non-healing wounds
  • GI challenges such as pancreatitis, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, IBS, and leaky gut
  • Infertility in men and women
  • Fibromyalgia

What Ozone and UBI Treatments Does Core IV Therapy Offer?

If you’re new to these types of treatments, this can seem like an overwhelming amount of information. But our clients find it an enjoyable and relaxing experience. To help you understand it better, here is some more detail about what treatments Core IV Therapy offers, and what the process looks like.

Why Should Ozone and UBI Treatments Be Used Together?

Some research suggests that using ozone and UBI treatments together can improve their efficacy. One study showed that ozone combined with UBI was 83% effective in inhibiting platelet aggregation, compared to 11% for ozone by itself and 0% for UBI by itself. Specialists often recommend that UBI and ozone therapy be used together because UBI and ozone do separate tasks. Ozone modulates the immune system, while UBI is able to kill bacteria and viruses. When they work hand in hand, their powers are amplified.

Core IV Ozone Treatments

The ozone treatments we offer break down into two types: Ozonated Saline and Major Autohemotherapy (MAH).

Major Autohemotherapy (MAH) — For best results, once or twice a week, several syringes of blood are extracted, mixed with ozone and reinjected intravenously over a period of 30- 45 minutes. This version of treatment has been known to be effective against conditions such as macular degeneration, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and tumors. Up to 30 treatments may be recommended over the course of 15 weeks. Because a blood thinner is required for this method, it is not always an option.

Ozonated Saline iV Drip – This can be an effective form of IV ozone therapy to fill the void for patients who don’t have access or can’t use major-autohemotherapy. Ozonated Saline IV Therapy is one of the safest and most effective ways to administer medical grade ozone to patients. Unlike Major Autohemotherapy, Ozonated Saline IV Therapy does not require the extraction of blood during the treatment.

Core IV UBI Treatments

For our UBI treatment, your provider will draw your blood, adds ozone, and then passes it through special tubing filled with UVA, UVB, and UVC lights. The combination of ozone and light rays increase the biological activity of the blood cells, thereby increasing immune boosting effects, as well as attaching a tool for eradicating bacteria, fungus, virus, and cancer as none of these dwell under moderate to intense UV conditions.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Sessions usually take 30-40 minutes.  Most conditions typically involve 1 treatment a week for 10 weeks, but this can vary. Some acute cases only need one treatment and others need 3-5 treatments. Chronic conditions may require 2 treatments a week for 15-30 sessions. Starting a weekly regimen of Glutathione drips prior to starting Ozone therapy may help alleviate

What is the Cost?

Single Sessions
MAH Ozone with UBI $250
Ozonated Saline $220
Ozone ( MAH) $200
Package of 5
MAH Ozone with UBI $1,150
Ozonated Saline $1,025
Ozone ( MAH) $900
Package of 10
MAH Ozone with UBI $2,200
Ozonated Saline $1,930
Ozone ( MAH) $1,760

Thinking of Starting Your Own Treatment Plan? Talk to Us First

If you’re interested in starting your own ozone and UBI treatment plan but still have questions or you aren’t sure how to begin, we can help. Contact us today to discuss your options; we can create a plan that fits your individual needs and budget. We can also explain the process to you in detail and schedule some initial treatments to get you started. The sooner you reach out, the sooner we can help!


Good Better Best
Microdermabrasion $120 $120 $120
Glycolic and Luminate Resurfacing Treatment $150
Marini Luminate Face Lotion $105 $400 $800
Pack of 3 Luminate Resurfacing Treatments (2 weeks apart)
Jan Marini MD  Skin Management System $385 $385
Pack of 6 Vitamin C & Glutathione 2000mg iVs $774
Total $380 $905 $2,079
Introductory Price $330 $825 $1,879
Members $300 $800 $1,779

Skin Rejuvenation (Texture/Fine lines/Sagging)

Good Better Best
Glycolic & Enzyme Resurfacing (Sensitive Skin) OR Glycolic & Retinol Resurfacing $150
Jan Marini Skin Management System $310 $310 $310
Microdermabrasion $120 $120
Pack of 3 Glycolic & Enzyme Resurfacing (Sensitive Skin) OR Pack of 3 Glycolic & Retinol Resurfacing $400
Pack of 3      Marini Refine Peel $480
Pack of 6 Endospères Face Sessions $1,020
Total  $460 $830 $1,930
Introductory Price $420 $755 $1,850
Members $390 $725 $1,799

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