At Core iV, we like to reward our returning customers. The way we do that is with our membership program. There is no fee for our membership; it is a discount that we offer in exchange for automatic billing.

The membership is broken into categories. With the Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans, you select one drip from your category each month. With the Diamond plan, you select one drip from the Platinum menu as well as one choice of NAD 500mg, Cleanse and Detox, or the new Mitochondria Optimization Protocol.

Each of these categories comes with free weekly B12 shots, discounted Lipo B12 shots and additional discounts on all other services.

**Some restrictions apply***

3 month minimum commitment

Membership does not automatically cancel

Drips are on or after renewal date

Unused drips do not carry over BUT you can gift your service to a friend that is not a current client

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Our services do not take the place of your physician’s advice. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. As with any new treatment, please consult your physician if you have any concerns or to see if this is right for you.


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