Post Covid (Vaccination) Drip

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Post Covid Drip

For Post Covid residual symptoms
Duration: 60 min | Price: $300.00

Oh the virus that keeps on giving…and taking. Post Covid (and vaccination) symptoms can last for months if not addressed. We designed this drip for clients who have had Covid and are still experiencing residual symptoms. This drip may address deficiencies, boost immunity, and detox/cleanse. It may help with the brain fog, low energy, dizziness, and fatigue to name a few. Many of our clients have now received this drip with great success. Don’t take our word for it, read our reviews.

What’s in the bag? Everything we offer in our Antiviral Drip (with more fluids to help flush out toxins) followed by a Glutathione push.


Choose this drip if you are:

Recovering from Covid

Experiencing long haul symptoms

Have Shingles

Have EBV

Have Herpes Simplex

Experiencing viral disease/infections

Active Ingredients:

1000 mL of Normal Saline

Higher dose of Vitamin C


B Complex (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12)



Zinc (Triple the Zinc in the Super Immune Booster)




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